CEO of Eximm

Vicki Tod

Vicki Tod is the CEO of Eximm, a company delivering a range of specialised integrated property services to domestic, commercial and government clients across Australia.

Vicki has lead Eximm through a rebranding of the company and increased it’s offering of services to the marketplace following a restructure of its strategy.  In doing this, Vicki has made a point of personally connecting with the culture of the company to cultivate trust of the team and clients.

With Eximm having such a diverse range of services and large team, Vicki brings executive level experience in business strategy, planning, operations, human resources, financial management, business development and sales and marketing.

In addition to the role of CEO Vicki has over 20 years’ experience in the legal industry, various management positions along with completion of various educational courses, including Queensland Business College.

Vicki is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and currently holds a number of board positions.