Work Skills

Welcome to GenZ employment’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work program. We’re excited to introduce you to Career Connect, our Ready for Work Program.

Career Connect is designed for all young Gold Coasters experiencing disadvantage and barriers to employment, further training or education.

Resume Preparation and Writing

We help participants create a professional, targeted resume that showcases their skills and experience, and highlights their unique strengths

Job Interview Skills

Our experienced trainers provide valuable guidance on how to prepare for job interviews, including strategies for answering common interview questions, dressing appropriately, and presenting oneself with confidence.

Networking Opportunities

Our program includes networking events where participants can connect with local businesses and employers, share their experiences, and gain valuable insights into industry trends and best practices

Job Search Advice

We offer practical advice on where to look for work, how to apply for work, and how to navigate the job market successfully. We also provide insight into employer expectations and industry trends to help participants stay ahead of the game

Employability Skills

Our program provides training in essential employability skills, such as:

  1. Communication in the workplace
  2. Working in a team
  3. Problem solving
  4. Planning and organising
  5. Self management